SBA Completes Long-Term Study for Halifax

Halifax.jpg Steven Baldwin Associates recently completed a long-term concessions optimization study for Halifax Stanfield International Airport (HSIA). The study focused on strategies to maximize the use of terminal space and increase revenue through a full analysis of all lease agreements as well as the cost, revenue, and value of all leasable space.

“We chose SBA for their expertise in airport management and terminal concessions analysis,” said Jo-Anne McLean, Director, Corporate Marketing and Business Development at HSIA. “We have been very pleased with the process and outcomes. We have received SBA’s recommendations to enhance our concessions program and will now use these as input for our business plans.”

To complete the analysis, SBA conducted a benchmarking study of comparable airports to determine HSIA’s fit among its peers, and established guidelines for their performance at the “Best in Class” level. The final report contained several site-specific recommendations to increase revenue over the short-, mid-, and long-term planning periods.