Piper Delivers Archer Trainers to Malaysian Flying Academy

Piper.jpg Piper Aircraft, Inc. recently delivered four new Archer training aircraft equipped with Garmin G500 avionics to the Malaysian Flying Academy, Malaysia.

“Our cadets are eager to begin flying these four new Piper single-engine trainers. The G500 avionics package is ideally suited to the training curriculum offered by our academy,” said Captain Stephen Terry, Principal of the Malaysian Flying Academy. Earlier in 2014, the Malaysian Flying Academy took delivery of four Seminoles. The two recent deliveries are part of Malaysian Flying Academy’s long-term plan to upgrade their exclusively-Piper fleet.

“The Archer provides the perfect classroom environment for flight students,” said Simon Caldecott, President and CEO of Piper Aircraft. “Our fixed-gear, single-engine aircraft provide an important introduction to assessable, apprehensible flight training, paving the way for continuing education and a lifetime of aviation enjoyment. We are honored Malaysian Flying Academy chooses to use Piper products exclusively to facilitate learning.”