PilotMall.com, Inc Releases iPad YokePad

PilotMall.com, Inc. announces the release of the iPad YokePad today. 

The iPad YokePad, a PilotMall.com exclusive product, is manufactured out of aircraft grade 6061 aluminum. The YokePad is compatible with both the iPad and the iPad 2. It is durable and simple to use. Because it has multiple adjustment points, it will work with a wide variety of aircraft.

The iPad is a popular device for pilots. It is highly portable, yet it allows users to accomplish a great variety of tasks. However, there is no acceptable place to store an iPad in the confines of an aircraft cockpit. Pilots cannot constantly hold onto their iPads because they need to be able to access controls, so a mount is essential for iPad use. The YokePad will fill the current need for a strong, easy to use iPad mount in aircraft cockpits.

A cockpit iPad mount must be extremely strong and effective due to the turbulence aircraft encounter. If an iPad is left unsecured, or comes loose from the mount when the aircraft encounters turbulence, it could be damaged. Even worse, it could turn into a deadly projectile.

PilotMall.com answers the need for an iPad mount with the YokePad. A successful mount must accommodate cockpit contours and surfaces, which vary greatly from one aircraft to another. Fortunately, with its multiple adjustment points, the YokePad addresses this issue well. The officials at PilotMall.com hope that they have developed an effective new product for all iPad-owning pilots.

"Since the iPad is becoming more and more prevalent in the aircraft cockpit, we have come up with a simple, secure solution to mount the unit," shares PilotMall.com President, Neil Glazer. "Priced at just $75.00, these units are priced better than any other iPad accessory on the market and offer more value for your dollar."

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