Aeromarine-LSA Introduces Zigolo Motor-Glider

Zigolo MG Poster (1).jpg
Aeromarine-LSA has announced the first USA flight of the new Zigolo SSDR concept motor-glider. The Zigolo is a FAR Part 103-compliant Single Seat De-Regulated (SSDR) aircraft which means it does not require any license, medical, registration, or certification to fly it.

The Zigolo is powered by a 25-hp gasoline engine; an electric-powered option is close to completion. The electric power will provide self-launching capability for gliding or quiet and smooth dawn patrols and evening flights and still met the SSDR criteria.

The Zigolo is available in a classic kit for only $14,500. This price includes the engine, propeller, and a complete aircraft rescue parachute system. Build time is only 100 hours. An even better option is the Almost-Ready-To-Fly aircraft: a finished Zigolo that is then disassembled and packed in one easy-to-ship crate. “Some Assembly required” means a pictogram assembly manual and an afternoon to put it together! Includes everything you need to fly, plus a complete aircraft parachute rescue system, all for only $16,000.

Visit Aeromarine’s new web site for Zigolo videos and more information on all of Aeromarine’s aircraft.