NASAO Member Named to Drone Advisory Committee

Greene_DavidMembers of the newly established Drone Advisory Committee (DAC) were announced last week by RTCA, a not-for-profit organization that functions as a federal advisory body to the FAA. Among those selected was David M. Greene, Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics Director.

“NASAO is very pleased that the key role of state government in integrating UAS technology into our economy has been recognized by the appointment of Dave to the Drone Advisory Committee,” said Greg Principato, President of the National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO). “Dave has thought a great deal about the best ways to make use of this important technology and will be an excellent representative of an important viewpoint.”

Nearly 400 people and organizations expressed interest in becoming part of the committee.

Named to the DAC are 35 business, association, municipal and academic leaders who will advise it on introducing unmanned aircraft into the national airspace system. The committee’s first public meeting is scheduled for September 16 at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C.

The DAC is intended to be a long-lasting group modeled on the high-level NextGen Advisory Committee (NAC) the FAA formed in 2010-also under RTCA’s auspices-to advise it on ATC modernization. “The NAC has helped the FAA hone in on improvements that mean the most to the industry and has helped build broad support for our overall direction,” said FAA Administrator Michael Huerta. “And we envision the drone advisory panel playing the same role on UAS integration, including helping us prioritize our work.”

The membership of the DAC is posted on the RTCA website at