Ferns to Head Aviation Museum of New Hampshire

No fooling, on April 1st, long time state aviation official from New Hampshire, Jack Ferns, will begin a new season in his life as Executive Director of the Aviation Museum of New Hampshire.  His last day at the New Hampshire Department of Transportation will be March 17th.

Ferns term as Director of Aeronautics, Rail and Transit for the New Hampshire DOT, officially ended last August but was given the opportunity to stay until his position was filled with a qualified applicant with the appropriate knowledge, skills and a focus on transit.
Ferns, a former Chair of the National Association of State Aviation Officials, (NASAO), has been very active

promoting aviation not only in his state but on a regional and national level as well.
Ferns has been leading the effort to create a New England General Aviation System Plan. He has also been very active in the state’s historic society as well as the New England Aviation Club. Ferns said he is looking forward to the museum challenge.