Duncan Aviation Aircraft Sales Team Releases Latest Edition of Business Jet Model/Market Summary

Duncan Aviation recently compiled and published a new edition of its Business Jet Model/Market Summary. The 1Q 2016 Edition of this quick reference guide is compiled to show the most recent published market pricing/valuation information from 1Q 2016 in an easy-to-use and easy-to-compare format.

“An important thing to remember when viewing this report is that it is a snapshot of what took place in the business aircraft marketplace in the first quarter of the year rather than a predicter of the future,” explains Marc McKenzie, Duncan Aviation’s Aircraft Sales Lead Market Analyst. “It is a compilation of data that when used correctly can help operators better understand the ever-changing value of their aircraft to determine when it might make sense for them to make changes in their fleet.”

To view the new report, visit http://www.da.aero/market-sum

Duncan Aviation’s Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions team summarizes the data from well-known industry sources and their own market knowledge and experience. They then compile it quarterly for the light jet, mid-size jet and long-range jet categories.

Working with Vref Publishing’s Aircraft Value Reference, Conklin de Decker Associates, Inc. and the aircraft manufacturers, the team regularly updates the data in these lists with the latest market intelligence on business aircraft models in operation today and how they compare to others in the same size category.

The tool was originally compiled for a client to help him easily identify the aircraft models he wanted to consider purchasing. It was such a quick and concise way to compare all the data that the Duncan Aviation Aircraft Sales team decided others could benefit from it as well. So they expanded it for other size models and started publishing it quarterly.

The Business Jet Model/Market Summary is sorted by the seats-full range for light, mid-size and large aircraft. It displays one-line descriptions detailing several attributes, including the following:

• Years Produced. The range of years the model was in production.
• Vref Price Range. The current marketing value according to the Vref – Aircraft Value Reference.
• Variable Cost / Hour. The estimated cost to operate the aircraft at full capacity.
• Normal Cruise Speed.
• Cabin Volume / Length / Height. Based on user requests, this now includes cabin width, too.
• Cabin Seats. The number of available seats on the aircraft.
• Expected Avionics. The expected avionics found in the Flightdeck.
• NBAA IFR Range-Seats Full. The list is sorted by this, the flight range in nautical miles with all seats full.
• NBAA IFR Range Ferry. Flight range in nautical miles with no passengers.
• Payload with Fuel Full. In pounds.
• Average Fuel Burn. In gallons per hour.
• Pilots Required. The number of pilots required to fly the aircraft.

To access the most recent Business Jet Model/Market Summary, visit http://www.da.aero/market-sum or call one of Duncan Aviation’s aircraft acquisitions representatives at +1.402.475.2611.