Blue Skies Green Hell Tells the Story of Flying Pioneers in Venezuela

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first picked up the book Blue Skies Green Hell, by Marilyn Lazzari – Wing. I’ve always been fascinated by the skills, courage and sense of adventure possessed by bush pilots the world over. But Venezuela in the 1950s, written by the wife of a bush pilot – It wasn’t on my radar!

Let me get right to the point – this is a fascinating book, a true drama about the author’s early life as the wife of a bush pilot. This book is filled with a lot of flying in the mysterious and magical ‘Lost World’. It is also a rare glimpse into the lives of those on the front lines delivering supplies and medicine to remote and inaccessible communities.

I came away from reading this book feeling like my life is richer and I certainly learned a lot about the history of early aviation in Venezuela, the culture, scenic beauty and the ties to the U.S. I also feel like I have a new friend in Marilyn Lazzari-Wing. It’s not often that a writer makes you feel like you could just call her up at any time to talk about anything – like you were best friends.     

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