Airbus Helicopters Inc. names Ralph Crosby III Executive Director for Corporate and VIP sales

Ralph Pic.jpg Airbus Helicopters Inc. has named Ralph Crosby III Executive Director of Corporate and VIP sales. Crosby, who has more than a decade of experience in aircraft sales, will lead the company’s efforts to develop this growing market in the United States, and will also assist Airbus Helicopters Canada. He will report to Doug Carriger, Senior Director of Marketing for Airbus Helicopters Inc.

Crosby joined Airbus from Dallas Jet International, where he served as vice president of sales. Before that, he worked as sales director for Hawker Beechcraft Corp. In the past decade, Crosby has managed five different geographic regions in the competitive business jet aircraft market.

Crosby will focus on corporate and VIP sales for Airbus Helicopters. “Busy executives find that our products help extend their effectiveness – the aircraft is another tool,” he said. “We are ready to show our customers that we understand their executive transport needs and have the products to meet them. Airbus Helicopters offers the most complete range of VIP helicopters of any OEM. Its helicopters combine leading edge technology, luxurious interiors and industry-leading safety.”