Southeast Council of Airshows Returns to Serve Aviation Community

Photo above – John Willhoff

The Southeast Council of Airshows (SECAS), an organization dedicated to promoting the safe and professional production of air shows in the Southeast and throughout the air show community, announced its return to active duty as a non-profit corporation effective July 30th, 2019. Members of the new SECAS Board of Directors include Greg Gibson, Pete Hovanec, Rob Carlson, Greg Koontz, Bob Yanascek, Moreno Aguiari and Mike Spalding.

“I am proud to be chosen as president of SECAS,” stated Greg Gibson. “We have assembled a great team of air show professionals who have a great vision for the future of our industry. Each member of the board brings a lot of experience to the table and I am confident that we will be able to provide excellent support to the members of our organization.”

SECAS will assist in the exchange of information between all members and other interested parties while promoting safety and excellence in the air show industry.  The goal is to enhance the industry, its integrity and stability through communications and educational programs designed to meet the needs of all members. The organization aspires to be more than just an information conduit, it will strive to assist shows with resource allocation and sponsorship, among other initiatives.  It is truly an exciting time for the industry.

“I am excited to be a part of establishing a nonprofit organization that will help so many other people and organizations within this tight-knit community,” said Robert Carlson SECAS Secretary. “Air shows inspire future pilots and the future of aviation itself.  We expect SECAS to set the standard in supporting air shows of all sizes (both civilian and military) and facilitating the sustainability of air shows well into the next generation.”