Over the last several years, Aviation Career Services (ACS) has been part of a variety of industry related training committees, industry panels and working groups. In each, a common theme was heard …”we need to find our future leaders.”

“As airport practitioners, recruiters and talent developers, we know and understand that searching high and low, near and far, inside and outside of the industry, isn’t the answer,” said Eric Mercado, CEO of ACS. “We are neglecting our root cause, the lack of comprehensive leadership development.”

In response to this need, ACS has developed a variety of educational learning opportunities that they’ve slowly marketed to the aviation industry to address that root cause – the lack of comprehensive leadership development. Mercado said with their plan, they have begun a multi-phased rollout with a new and exciting Professional Development Program aimed to develop the industry’s future leaders and ultimately play a key role in “Elevating the Industry.” “Our first phase will incorporate a practical in-classroom leadership workshop experience as well as online learning,” said Mercado.

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ACS Leadership Workshop at DuPage Airport on August 20-22, 2017.

Aviation Career Services (ACS) and the DuPage Airport Authority (DAA) partner to deliver and host the first ACS to respond to the industry’s needs in the development of future leaders.

The ACS Leadership Workshop is designed specifically for the aviation industry and created by aviation practitioners and university educators in three separate courses. The first two, 1) Leadership Concepts and 2) Leadership Fundamentals are offered in August 2017. The final module 3) Leadership Execution will be offered in the spring of 2018. Our goal is for you to learn more about yourself as a leader, understand how you interact and lead amongst other leaders and finally, explore how you can evolve through executive leadership.

ACS Online Learning Program

Through the ACS Online Learning Program, we have incorporated specific developmental topics and knowledge areas relevant to growth in both soft skills and certain technical topics. ACS is bringing them directly to you through online learning platforms like “interactive” webinars. Our goal is to conduct at least one monthly webinar for the foreseeable future.

The ACS Phase 1 offerings are just the start. ACS has been hard at work this year laying the ground work for many more new and exciting solutions for the aviation industry. There are plenty more opportunities to come, so stay tuned! For the latest developments, check out our education website at: www.ACSLeaders.org.