A Message From the FAA Office of Airport Safety and Standards

The FAA’s Office of Airports (ARP) has surveyed private-use facilities every year to assist in the collection, verification and validation of a site’s published Airport Master Record (5010) data and Operational Status. 

Stemming from an FAA internal audit and policy published within the FAA’s Air Traffic Organization (ATO) for handling Operational Status reviews, an initiative to remove non-responsive facilities based solely on the survey mentioned has been stood up for implementation.  What that means to you as the owner of a private-use facility, is your site may be deemed “CLOSED INDEFINITLY” by the FAA due to lack of response and removed from the FAA’s publications, to include Sectional VFR Charts. 

In the hopes your facility is protected from this effort, our recommendation is to verify and update your information with the FAA through their new Airport Data and Information Portal (ADIP) Airport Master Record (AMR) module.  The program is staffed with a helpdesk prepared to assist you in any way. While we encourage use of ADIP, you can always reach out to the Responsible Airport Staffer (RAS) found within your local FAA Regional/ADO Offices.  The RAS’ can assist with updates in ADIP on your behalf or will clearly instruct you on their preferred methodology to update. 

If you are still in possession of a current Private Airport Survey mailer, please submit it back as per the instructions found on the form as soon as possible. We hope your quick action and attention to this outreach lessens any unforeseen burden or impact to your site in the future.  Thank you.

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