Winnipeg-based Aero Recip Ltd., First Canadian Shop Approved to Provide Full-Range of Repair and Overhaul Services on HET Produced AeroForce Turbochargers

Representatives of Hartzell Engine Technologies LLC, (HET) announced that the company has named Aero Recip (Canada) Ltd., as the first Canadian-based shop in the company’s Recommended Service Facility (RSF) network. They join Quality Aircraft Accessories of Tulsa, Oklahoma as the only RSF’s for AeroForce turbocharger systems.

“We are very proud to welcome our friends at Aero Recip (Canada) as the first Recommended Service Facility approved in Canada to provide inspections and maintenance on AeroForce turbocharger systems,” stated Keith Bagley, president, Hartzell Engine Technologies. “We introduced our Recommended Service Facilities program in 2014 to give aircraft owner/operators who fly with our equipment a pre-approved network of shops that have the training, tools, and commitment to quality necessary to ensure that these customers get the highest level of repair and overhaul services for their units.”

Bagley stressed the fact that becoming part of Hartzell’s Recommended Service Facility network takes more than signing an agreement and putting up a sign.

“RSF network shops must agree to adhere to our set of rigorous guidelines,” he said. “For example, they will be regularly audited, they have agreed to follow our manuals and will maintain the proper facilities with approved tools and equipment,” he said. “In addition, they will send their technicians to our facility for ongoing training, and they have agreed they will only use genuine Hartzell/AeroForce replacement parts.”

Bagley stressed that the requirement for RSF shops to use genuine parts is a significant advantage for aircraft owner/operators. “Some independent turbocharger repair shops will frequently reuse critical parts like turbine wheels and center housings during their overhauls, even though this is contrary to instructions provided in our maintenance manual,” he said. “Speaking as not only the OE manufacturer of these turbochargers, but a pilot myself, I know these parts endure extreme temperatures and rpms, and think most pilots wouldn’t want to potentially compromise their safety and reliability over what equates to a small difference in price that these parts represent, versus all of the value that going to an RSF provides. ”

“Another key differentiator between an RSF-approved facility and an independent repair shop, is that HET requires our authorized service providers to have an appropriate liability insurance policy,” Bagley said. “This type of coverage is proof that the customer is getting the best possible work today and has the added confidence that the shop will stand behind their work going forward.”  “The benefit to the owners of our AeroForce turbochargers is that they are assured that a Recommended Service Facility will have the parts, tools and training to repair or overhaul their turbochargers to factory-approved specifications,” he said. “In addition, these shops are the only ones authorized to provide warranty repairs on our turbochargers.”