Global Military and Government Helicopter Market, Worth $72.1 B in 2017-2022

A Market Research Report, now available on ASDReports, states that the global military and government helicopter market is projected to grow to USD 13.9 billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 8.4% from 2016 to 2020, where medium-lift type helicopters are dominant in terms of systems delivered and in terms of value. After 2020, the value of helicopters in these sectors should fall to USD 9.4 billion by 2022, or a CAGR of – 6.5%, as a number of major procurement programs come to an end.

The helicopter’s prominence has been steady since the aircraft first entered mass production in the 1940s. The Vietnam War was the starting point where the helicopter in military use came into its own with the iconic Bell UH-1 Iroquois – better known as the Huey – becoming the main workhorse of the US Army and an integral part of the US’s operations in the conflict. More recently, the helicopter has played a prominent military role in conflicts like Afghanistan and Iraq.

The helicopter continues to be popular in the military being used in a wide range of roles, including transport, reconnaissance, attack, anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare, as well as search and rescue (SAR). Government roles include law enforcement, VIP, utility, SAR, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and firefighting.

Market Forecast’s new report, the Global Military and Government Helicopter Market Forecast to 2022, provides a detailed analysis of the military and government helicopter market from 2016-2022, focusing on major rotary-wing programs, requirements and orders in more than 50 countries, with particular focus on 23 countries, worth in excess of US$82.1 billion over the entire period.

Through 126 pages, the Global Military and Government Helicopter Market Forecast to 2022 provides:

Global market share assessments for all types in numbers delivered and value for 2016 to 2022.

Market share assessments per region and per country for 2016 to 2022.

Roles and types of helicopters.

Main helicopter trends.

Market contracts share of the leading vendors.

Market Trends (drivers, constraints, opportunities, threats, challenges, investment opportunities, and recommendations).

Company profiles for the leading companies, including financial information, strategic alliances, and recent contract wins.

The report is completed with detailed financial data of the value of recent and future identified orders, market share by types of helicopters, as well as a SWOT analysis to ensure that the strengths and weaknesses of the market are fully identified – to provide an understanding of the military and helicopter market in the years to come.