Crisalion Mobility Partners with Kookiejar to Develop Vertiports

Crisalion Mobility, a Spanish leader in the design and development of advanced electric mobility solutions has signed a strategic agreement with Swedish vertiport company Kookiejar, which boasts extensive experience in developing air mobility solutions. Under the agreement, the two companies will partner on the development of vertiports, delivering essential take-off and landing infrastructure for electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

Crisalion Mobility and Kookiejar are joining forces to create an action plan and roadmap and set out a series of shared goals, which will be instrumental in their project development. They will seek to identify potential synergies between the eVTOL Integrity and Kookiejar vertiports and analyze the efficiency of Crisalion Mobility’s operations at these facilities. These operations will include freight transport, medical emergencies and urban, regional and tourism missions.

The agreement will also focus heavily on developing strategies to minimize the environmental footprint, enhance turnaround efficiency and comply with sustainability standards. Joint training programs will be rolled out for the teams at the two companies and research undertaken into future technologies to further enhance the efficiency and safety of air mobility operations in relation to the project.

The partnership between Crisalion Mobility and Kookiejar is a key milestone in the expansion and development of air mobility in urban settings. It also unlocks a wealth of possibilities for the integration of aircraft into global transport infrastructure, ushering in a new era in urban air mobility. Cooperation has proven to be key to creating sustainable, revolutionary solutions. Each of the two companies brings to the table its own unique experience in the development of innovative, safe solutions that will facilitate the effective implementation of vertiports all over the world.

Inspired by Sweden’s IKEA, the scalable, modular construction method of Kookiejar’s vertiports allows businesses, cities and towns to make their commercial real-estate flyready and form an efficient Vertiport network. Kookiejar’s low-cost solutions afford flexibility in vertiport deployment with the aim to minimize landing fees, enabling air mobility for all.

“We continue to drive this fascinating project forward with new key partners. Working with Kookiejar will allow us to harness our shared technical experience and future outlook to deliver progress on safe, efficient vertiport development. Together, we are paving the way for air mobility that will transform cities and change people’s lives,” said Óscar Lara Rapp, COO of Crisalion Mobility.

“This agreement represents a fusion of ideas and innovation. Air mobility technology is undergoing revolutionary change, and we are excited to be partnering with Crisalion Mobility to play a role in that transformation. Our highly complementary technical experience will allow us to design and build vertiports that comply with the strictest safety and efficiency standards,” said Kim Silander, founder of Kookiejar.