ALSIM Opens New Production Facility in France

ALSIM, the 26-year-old global flight simulator manufacturer, has opened a brand-new production facility in order to meet growing demand. Located next to its historical factory in Le Loroux-Bottereau, approximately 230 miles SW of Paris, ALSIM currently has clients in more than 50 countries.

The new facility is fully equipped with modern installation allowing ALSIM to produce up to 10 simulators at the same time. The reorganized and more synergized production, similar in design to larger aircraft manufacturers, now incorporates the hardware engineering team, enabling smoother and more efficient work. This, in turn, ensures greater manufacturing reliability and further increases simulator quality.

“Upholding our spirit of innovation at ALSIM, we remain fully engaged in offering simulators at the cutting edge of technology. We are continuously reinventing ourselves and our devices and this new production facility marks an important milestone in our company’s development and a significant industrial advancement,” says Jean-Paul Monnin, CEO.