Airwayz Partners with FlightOps to Provide State-Of-The-Art Drone Management Systems

Airwayz, a dynamic UTM/USSP provider, announced a partnership with FlightOps, a company specializing in advanced UAVOS (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operating Systems) solutions. The integration between FlightOps flight automation software and Airwayz’ dynamic and robust UTM system will allow drone operators to automate drone management and will be used for the first time during the second phase of the Israel National Drone Initiative (INDI2).

The integration between FlightOps flight automation software and Airwayz’s dynamic UTM system allows drone operators to automate drone management.

The collaboration between Airwayz and FlightOps marks a significant step forward towards commercially viable U-Spaces. With advanced, automated drone management, a secure and reliable environment is ensured for drone operations. Removing manual operations delivers U-Spaces with unparalleled safety, control, and efficiency. With both companies committed to automated multi-drone flight, the seamless integration of their systems promises to deliver an innovative solution with the potential to transform the drone industry.

“The changes to regulation in Europe mean there’s a huge opportunity to implement commercial U-Spaces across myriad sectors,” says FlightOps Shay Levy, FlightOps’s CEO “FlightOps and Airwayz have worked together to integrate a solution that makes those U-Spaces not only possible, but safe, efficient and profitable.”

FlightOps is one of the first companies to offer UAVOS in Europe. The recent EASA regulation changes in January 2023 regarding U-Space adoption in Europe have unlocked the opportunity to implement such innovative systems. Prior to the regulation change, there was limited need for UAVOS; however now, with the accelerated U-Space adoption, UAVOS is pivotal to make them commercially viable. Airwayz and FlightOps will demonstrate this during INDI2, when their integrated system will undergo testing devised for various sectors, encompassing mission scenarios pertinent to smart cities, seaports, and deliveries.

“We believe the future of drone operations is all about automation and this partnership will really help to push that forward. With Airwayz and FlightOps joining forces, we’re confident that we can push the boundaries of what’s possible with drone technology,” says Eyal Zor, CEO of Airwayz.