Airwayz Announces Partnership with Royal NLR to Accelerate Drone U-Space Adoption Across Europe

Photo above – Eyal Zor, CEO of Airwayz, shaking hands with Henk van Dijk, VP Aerospace Operations of Royal NLR, after officially signing their collaborative partnership agreement.

Dynamic UTM/USSP provider, Airwayz, announced it is collaborating with NLR – Netherlands Aerospace Centre to support the development of the drone industry across Europe. The partnership will see Airwayz and NLR combine efforts to perform trials together, research best practice, accelerate R&D, and – where appropriate – respond to industry RFPs (Requests for Proposals) together. Combining NLR’s expertise in Air Traffic Management (ATM) with Airwayz’ dynamic Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) system provides an excellent framework for U-Spaces, supporting their accelerated roll-out across Europe and providing the potential to delve deeper into Urban Air Mobility (UAM) schemes.

Royal NLR’s NARSIM facility. (Credits: Royal NLR)

NLR is an independent innovative research centre for the aerospace industry, working to solve global airspace issues and plays a pivotal role between science, industry, government, and society. Airwayz’ dynamic UTM/USSP software monitors and coordinates multiple fleets of drones in real time, using proprietary artificial intelligence to ensure safe and efficient commercial drone activities. Airwayz’ partnership with NLR signifies new levels of commercial opportunity for drone ecosystems.

“The collaboration of Airwayz and NLR offers us the possibility to deliver a unique product for U-space Service Providers and Air Navigation Service Providers worldwide,” states Henk van Dijk, NLR Vice President Aerospace Operations. “At this moment many companies work hard on drone, U-space and UAM services offering an added value next to current ATM users. That means we need to prepare ourselves to facilitate the UTM, UAM and ATM users flying in the same airspace in a safe and efficient manner. Therefore, it’s good to know that NLR and Airwayz both have a lot of expertise and knowledge about this challenging concept. Next to this, the NARSIM facility – NLR’s Real-Time ATM simulator – provides an excellent way to develop, evaluate and validate this integration.”

Artistic impression of a taxi drone (UAM) in the urban environment of Amsterdam.
(Credits: Royal NLR)

Airwayz and NLR are already cooperating on multiple projects for Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs). Additionally, both Airwayz and NLR are active at the Port of Rotterdam, with Airwayz spearheading the creation of a safe and efficient U-Space across the port for commercial drone services to flourish.

Eyal Zor, CEO and Co-Founder of Airwayz, comments, “We’re excited to announce the official signing of our collaboration with NLR today at Amsterdam Drone Week. We have many ground-breaking projects in the pipeline. Our partnership signifies the next level of airspace management; combining manned and unmanned traffic management and pursuing urban air mobility operations will revolutionize the industry and keep our airspaces safe across urban areas whilst they develop. The commercial potential will expand the capabilities of commercial drone services and drastically change how we all view our skies.”