Astro Adds Med-Evac Pod to the Fleet

Astro Aerospace has added another new model to its ALTA platform line-up in the form of a Med-Evac/Ambulance vehicle.

The ALTA LaFRa (Low-altitude Fast Response aircraft) is the newest pod concept to join Astro’s ALTA fleet of Pods and will target the search and rescue, and ambulance/medical markets.

The LaFRa design modification was an obvious addition in the progression of Astro’s Pod development program and fits perfectly with the flexible and nimble maneuvering ALTA platform.

Although the current COVID-19 situation has temporarily halted development of the current build, Astro continues to innovate and create new pods for multiple industries.

“Like most, it’s important for us to recognize and follow the protocols regarding COVID-19 and we have suspended production to ensure our team, suppliers and their families are safe.

We will be resurrecting the build of the ALTA program immediately following the advice of the governing bodies when it is safe to return”, says CEO Bruce Bent.