AIA Welcomes Federal STEM Education 5-Year Strategic Plan

The Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) issued a statement on the recent release of the White House Federal STEM Education 5-Year Strategic Plan.

AIA noted that the plan recognizes the importance of a diverse STEM workforce and underscores that we must work together to improve STEM education in the United States for all Americans. America is a beacon for innovation around the world – but with an older, retiring STEM workforce, we must take the appropriate steps to ensure that continues. To grow our workforce for the future, our country must make it easier for people from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented communities to have access to a quality education and the opportunity to pursue a STEM career by adequately funding student aid for college and Career Technical Education.

The aerospace & defense industry has made significant strides in engaging students at a young age to spark their interest in STEM.  We continue to work with federal agencies and industry partners to provide all students equal access to learning experiences that open doors to some of the most innovative work in the world.

The White House’s “North Star” for the STEM community is an important step toward ensuring equal access to STEM education for all students. We look forward to continuing to work with the administration to build the innovative workforce our country needs.