Mente Group Aircraft Transactions EVP Dan Dunn Certified by IADA

Mente Group Executive Vice President of Transactions Dan Dunn has been designated as a certified aircraft sales broker by the International Association of Aircraft Dealers (IADA). He joins Mente Group President and CEO Brian Proctor who is also an IADA-certified aircraft sales broker.

Dan Dunn

“Dan is a consummate pro and certainly well deserving of this designation,” Proctor said. “As an IADA accredited aircraft dealer, Mente Group will eventually have all of our aircraft sales brokers certified by IADA as testing slots become available in the future.”

“IADA is very pleased to include Mente Group EVP of Transactions Dan Dunn in the ranks of IADA-certified aircraft sales brokers,” said IADA Executive Director Wayne Starling. “He joins an elite group of professional brokers who have passed a rigorous evaluation to achieve recognition as a highly skilled broker at the top of his profession.”

IADA’s broker examination conducted by Joseph Allen Aviation Consulting measures the skills and competencies that are required of aircraft brokers in order to effectively conduct their work. Joseph Allan has considerable experience in curriculum development as well as the development and management of examinations measuring knowledge-based competencies.

Dunn has 20 years of experience in business aviation. Specializing in aircraft transactions including sales, acquisitions and leasing, he also has a strong discipline in transaction structure, finance, leasing and management.

Dunn leads Mente’s Transactions Group and is based in the Greater New York Metro Area. He is a member of IADA and contributes to aircraft and avionics manufacturers panels and evaluation boards. He has been responsible for over $2 billion in aircraft sales, acquisitions, and leases during his career.

Dunn is a United States Air Force combat veteran, focusing on technical course work and theories, with certificates in aviation safety and maintenance. He holds an A&P and pilot’s license and is factory trained on eight corporate aircraft including Bombardier, Boeing and Gulfstream types with extensive avionics, engine and training experience.