Yuma Airport Lands Skylancer Aviation

Yuma Skylanceredit.jpgThe Yuma County Airport Authority signed a lease that brings Skylancer Aviation, LLC to Yuma International Airport as the airport’s Aviation Maintenance Fixed Based Operator to provide aviation related maintenance services for local pilots and pilots throughout the southwest.

Skylancer Aviation LLC, is a subsidiary of a Corporation that has been in business for over 20 years. It is owned and operated by Larry Langerock. Larry’s passions are agriculture, aviation and family. He has been involved with farming in the Midwest his entire life. His passion for aviation dates back to 1986, when he became a pilot.

“Skylancer Aviation has been evolving for a few years, we have a modest inventory of aircraft and have been investigating and planning an expansion for over a year.” said Todd Obele, Skylancer Aviation, LLC’s business manager. “While conducting business in Southwest United States we contacted Yuma International Airport, which led to the expansion of Skylancer Aviation to Yuma. Our decision was based on the aviation community’s desire for an aircraft maintenance provider, how easy it is to do business with the Airport Authority’s team, and the professionalism of our new neighbors, Million Air.”

“The Airport Authority is thrilled with Skylancer’s decision to join our airport family”, said Gladys Wiggins, Airport Director. “The addition of Skylancer Aviation at the airport fits perfectly with the airport’s goal of adding value for our homebased aircraft and local pilots as well as our seasonal users. With aircraft maintenance services available, the airport looks forward to one day having other pilots and aircraft fly in to our airport to get their annual certification or other maintenance repairs for their airplanes. Today, many local pilots fly elsewhere to get certified or have to bring in mechanics to assist them with repairs. With any new business start-up at the airport our desire is to attract businesses that create more job opportunities, and at the same time encourage and assist toward the growth of general aviation in Yuma County. This is an exciting development for the entire airfield.”

“Skylancer is excited to be a part of the Yuma community, and looks forward to creating long lasting partnerships.” Todd Obele continued, “We are proud to have hired local talent, Alison Ochoa as our marketing/office manager, and William Cauthorn who has been an A&P IA mechanic since 1997. We look forward to conducting all our business needs with the Yuma business community and strive to provide exceptional service – no task too small or too large. Wiggins continued, “Aviation maintenance is a serious responsibility with stringent requirements. Having Skylancer based here at Yuma International Airport gives the general and corporate aviation community peace of mind that their aircraft is airworthy every time they take off.”

Skylancer Aviation will begin operations in mid-May from the airport’s Wrong Way Hangar located at 3611 South Burch Way. Their business telephone is (928) 341-7989.