WSDOT Aviation Division Hires New Aviation Planner

SlayboughWAElizabeth Slabaugh recently joined the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Aviation Division’s team as its newest aviation planner.

Slabaugh’s primary duties at WSDOT will include providing leadership in aviation disaster response exercises; developing a Best Management Practice Guide for Airport Managers – a solution that resulted from the Airport Investment study; providing technical assistance to airports during the FAA-funded WSDOT Disadvantaged Enterprise Disparity Study; providing support to the Washington Pilot’s Association in developing a “Fly Washington Airports” Passport Program to encourage pilots to explore Washington’s airports and conducting “5010” airport inspections.

A graduate of Western Michigan University, Elizabeth has a strong background in aviation planning, operations and project management. She previously served as an Army officer with the 6-17 Cavalry Regiment stationed in Fort Wainwright, AK, and has extensive experience planning aviation training missions for pilots and soldiers in attack and reconnaissance missions. Elizabeth also served as the lead planner for multiple live-fire training exercises with joint international and special operations forces including the Air Force, United States Marines, Republic of Korea Marines and United States Army Rangers.

Slabaugh piloted the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior while in the Army. She is currently working on her instrument/commercial fixed wing license and instructor license for rotary wing aircraft. Ms. Slabaugh can be reached at 360-709-8028, or at