Washington State Completes New Aviation Economic Impact Study

WSDOT Aviation, with funding from the FAA and the assistance of consulting firm Kimley-Horn, has completed a new statewide Aviation Economic Impact Study for the Washington Aviation System.

The study encompassing data prior to the pandemic revealed the state’s 134 public-use airport system contributes 407,042 jobs, $26.8 billion in labor income, and $107 billion in total economic impact (business revenues) to our state’s economy and communities.

Airports provide an essential link to the nation’s airspace, commerce, and emergency services and are an important part of Washington state’s transportation system and economy. Washington has 134 public airports in 37 of its 39 counties. Each airport fulfills a particular role in supporting community, economic, and transportation needs.

WSDOT Aviation Division, with the support of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) conducted the aviation economic impact study to:

  • Measure the economic impacts of each public-use airport in Washington.
  • Assess the economic value that airports create for communities.
  • Demonstrate how airports and the state aviation system contribute to the state’s economy and economic competitiveness.
  • Develop a new Online Aviation Economic Impact Calculator and a new Airport Economic Mapping Tool for various stakeholders to utilize.

To download the full report, visit: WSDOT