Washington State Aviation Alliance celebrates successes at second annual general membership meeting

Washington State Aviation Alliance (WSAA) members met to discuss past successes and future initiatives during the second annual general membership meeting April 25 at the Westin Hotel in Bellevue.

WSAA President David Ketchum, along with the Board of Directors, provided an overview of the organization’s history, objectives and achievements.

Over the past two years, WSAA has hosted successful Airport Awareness Day events at the state capitol, and championed aviation bills and initiatives to help strengthen the state’s aviation system.

Just this year, two WSAA-supported bills – House Bill 1018 and House Bill 1400 – were signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee. HB 1018 increases the funding cap on a single state airport aid grant from $250,000 to $750,000. HB 1400 authorizes the first-ever Washington State Aviation specialty license plate. Both bills will enable more investments in statewide aviation projects.

Also during the meeting, WSAA voting members elected the 2017 Board of Directors:

President: David Ketchum, Washington State Community Airports Association

Vice President: John Dobson, Washington Pilots Association

Treasurer: Kandace Harvey, Washington Airport Management Association

Secretary: Tristan Atkins, Washington State Department of Transportation

Board Position 1: David Ryan, Arlington Municipal Airport

Board Position 2: Chris Herman, Washington Public Ports Association

Comprised of 15 different aviation-relation organizations, WSAA serves as a collective voice for aviation and aviation-related organizations in the state. It highlights the importance of airports to Washington’s transportation system, economy and quality of life.

The Washington State Department of Transportation Aviation Division serves in partnership with WSAA.