GippsAERO signs with Olympia firm for North American assembly

GippsAERO, the Australian manufacturing arm of Mahindra Aerospace, announced that a partnership agreement has been signed with Soloy Aviation Solutions.  The agreement will see Soloy provide assembly, and technical support for GippsAERO for all North American orders henceforth. 

CEO, Dr, Terry Miles said they are strategically implementing Airvan maintenance centers to penetrate the market and ensure the Airvan is a viable aircraft for operators in the United States. "Soloy is a welcome addition to the growing North American strategy as they have unparalleled capabilities to assemble, service and support GA8 Airvans in the region.” 
Soloy Aviation Solutions, incorporated in 1969 and located in Olympia Washington, is a provider of a range of aviation related services including retrofits, reassembly, and aircraft parts/accessories/kits. Soloy CEO Dave Stauffer said they welcome the opportunity to provide GA8 operators convenient and professional service and timely support in North America.

GippsAERO identified North America as a region of focus in early 2011 and has been committed to strengthening their permanent presence beyond ever since.  This significant next step of assembly on USA soil is another tick for their ongoing plan following agreements they have put in place in the last 6 months to appoint Muncie Aviation and Flightline Group as dealers. Understanding that many of the high value components of the aircraft originate from America (engine, propeller, avionics etc), it makes good commercial sense to ship critical aircraft components from Australia for local assembly to reduce lead time and improve flexibility in delivering a more customised solution for the NA market.
The Airvan is widely known for its rugged, utility type characteristics and low maintenance requirements. GippsAERO understand the importance of quick professional support and is going to great lengths to confidently increase its flying fleet in the region. Market penetration of the Airvan is certainly on the rise in the USA as are the number of their customer supporting facilities and local content add from this partnership with Soloy.