FAA NW Mountain Region Completes Move, Announces Realignment

FAA Regional Administrator for the Northwest Mountain Region, David Suomi, announced that the Regional Office has completed their move to the city of Des Moines, WA, just two miles south of Sea-Tac airport.  The new building is 300,000 square feet and houses 1,460 employees. It is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certified building that features smart HVAC, LED smart lighting and low flow water usage.

Suomi also noted that Acting Administrator Daniel K. Elwell, recently directed a realignment of the Regions and Property Operations (ARO) organization into the Office of Policy, International Affairs, and Environment (APL). “APL serves as a focal point for FAA policy and guidance on many high-profile issues facing our agency across all lines of business and throughout the country,” noted Suomi in an email, “This transition will enhance coordination and improve the effectiveness of the Regional Administrator offices in supporting many of these efforts.”

The ARO Regional Administrator Office develops and sustains effective relationships with aviation constituencies such as members of major industry organizations, public interest groups, national associations and other comparable organizations, such as the National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO), community boards, media, and congressional offices.

The FAA is celebrating the 60th Anniversary of dedicated employees that help make and continue to keep the National Airspace System safe. In 1958, the first year of the FAA, more people crossed the Atlantic by air than by boat. We have now 850 million passengers on commercial airlines. Where do we go from here? Commercial space rides from our 11 U.S. Spaceports, with drones delivering goods and supplies, helping law enforcement, and providing assistance for commercial activities, while hobbyist drone pilots have fun soaring the skies under 400’.