Woodie Woodard Named Recipient of 2019 ACC Aviation Award of Excellence

The Airport Consultants Council (ACC) has announced the selection of Ms. Woodie Woodward as the recipient of the 2019 ACC Aviation Award of Excellence. The award will be presented on Tuesday, November 12, 2019, during the ACC 41st Annual Conference & Exposition Awards Luncheon in Palm Springs, California.

The Aviation Award of Excellence is presented annually to recognize an individual’s extraordinary contributions to the aviation industry that are visionary and innovative, have advanced the industry, and have served the good of the general public.

Woodward had nearly 30 years of public service, with senior positions in Congress and the Federal Aviation Administration. As Associate Administrator for Airports at the FAA, she was instrumental in helping airports across the country achieve their goals of improving airport infrastructure. Under her leadership, the FAA had its greatest increase in airport capacity and safety that has ever been seen in the United States.

Woodward is well known for engaging with stakeholders, understanding project challenges and finding solutions. Her direct, hands-on approach has been valuable not only in solving problems and providing funding and advice to airports, but has placed her in the role of a mentor and friend to many in the industry. Her knowledge of the industry and vast network has positioned Woodward to create synergies between people, teams and companies.

“During her distinguished career, Woodie has been a valuable leader in the airport industry who has overcome boundaries to get things done and improve airports across the country,” said ACC President T.J. Schulz. “She has been an important source of counsel for many people and organizations. In short, Woodie has left an indelible mark on this vibrant industry.”