Virginia DOAV Acquires ICON A5 to Assist with Aviation Education

The Virginia Department of Aviation partnered with Virginia VSATSLab to purchase an ICON A5 to help introduce more youth to aviation. The ICON A5 is an amphibious light sport aircraft with foldable wings. This particular aircraft that was purchased doesn’t include an engine because it will be used as an educational tool that will provide students with a hands-on approach with the innovative controls.

The Public Relations Team will take the ICON A5 to local schools and events to teach Virginians about aviation. The technology in the ICON is more advanced than what is found in an older aircraft that most will learn how to fly in, and so a simulator using a Cessna aircraft is also part of this education display. The aircraft and simulator will also help support STEM learning as well as inform the students about the variety of careers in aviation.

The ICON A5 and simulator educational display are a unique combination that will help the agency introduce aviation to students for many years to come. The Virginia Department of Aviation is the first in the nation to have an ICON A5 aircraft.