Liberty University Selects ALSIM ALX Sim

ALSIM Simulators is excited to announce the sale of an ALX to Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, USA. This will be Liberty’s first ALSIM simulator.

Liberty opted for all available flight models in the ALSIM ALX, which starts with a single engine piston close to a Cessna 172 and reconfigures to a medium jet similar to an Airbus 320.The ALX has many advanced features including complex overhead, dual FMS and ALSIM’s new visual system. The versatile device provides a wide range of flight training services from a student pilot’s first flight with an analogue flight deck to the more advanced jet orientation training.

The ALX is ALSIM’s best-selling device to date with more than 100 installed worldwide.

Liberty owns and operates over 25+ aircraft primarily Cessna 172, and Piper Seminoles. Two years ago Liberty moved into a world class simulator facility that provides exceptional training environment with over 19 certified training devices including four Level 5 FTDs. Liberty also has a nationwide network of 90+ affiliate flight schools that enable aspiring pilots to pursue an online Bachelor of Science in Aviation degree while completing their flight training at an approved Flight Training Affiliate (FTA) located near their place of residence. 

Dr. Scott Firsing of ALSIM’s North America office adds: “We have been engaged with the professional and welcoming Liberty staff for many years. During this time, many of their FTAs like Cirrus Aviation, Paragon Flight Training and Lanier Flight Center have purchased ALSIM devices. Together we share common goals of making a difference in the aerospace community and providing pilots with the most advanced and realistic training tools available.”

Liberty’s Simulation Program Manager for Training and Research and Development, Kevin Martin explains: “Aviation has a history of feast or famine, we recognize that the ALSIM ALX provides our program with a multi-faceted device, capable of being scalable to meet the industry requirements now, and into the future. The ALX will allow us to tailor our courses to provide a stellar training program in each of our cognates, Missions, Military, and Commercial Corporate degree tracks. The ALSIM ALX is a complete training system and we are looking forward to continued collaboration between ALSIM and Liberty University.”

Liberty’s Dean, Dr. Rick Roof stated: “Our acquisition of the ALSIM-ALX reflects our commitment to invest in the latest tools and advanced training methods for preparing aviators of excellence. Our world-class simulation center and partnership with ALSIM are intended to ensure we have the resources and training innovations needed to fulfill our mission to train, mentor and equip Champions for Christ for careers in the aviation industry.” “The ALX was selected because it will allow us to offer each of our flight students the unique opportunity to train on multiple, advanced aircraft so they are exceptionally prepared to pursue their calling no matter where they eventually serve in the world of aviation.“ Roof said.