Lancair Welcomes First Mako Owner to New Texas Builders Assistance Center

Texas Builders Center LancairLancair’s first production Mako customer was welcomed last week to the newly-launched Builder Assistance Center at the company’s Texas headquarters. Housed in a 10,000 square foot climate-controlled hangar, the Builder Assistance Center provides a dedicated work environment for Lancair kit owners to complete critical aircraft assemblies or the entire aircraft. Comprehensive in-house factory support, including customized jigs and fixtures, tools, supplies and expertise, allows aircraft buyers to shave months or even years off their aircraft build time.

Available for Mako and Legacy aircraft, Lancair’s  Builder Assistance Program is dedicated to helping buyers rapidly advance their aircraft to completion. In addition, the intensive one-on-one process ensures that new owners are intimately familiar with their aircraft, helping them to enhance safety and minimize future maintenance expenses.

Many owners have reported that the hands-on experience of the build process is immensely rewarding. One buyer/builder remarked that it was “more fun than any vacation” and every bit as satisfying in its own way as actually flying the airplane.

Taking full advantage of the flexibility of the Experimental – Amateur Built classification, Lancair offers purchasing options for every buyer, from home-build kits to ready-to-fly aircraft. Builder Assistance programs range from a basic 2-week program to full in-house “Fly-Away” aircraft completion. The standard 2-week program comes with every Mako purchase and includes assistance in closing wings, tail and control surfaces and mating the fuselage halves.

For buyers unable to participate at the Texas factory, builders’ assistance programs are available to coordinate construction with build centers in a variety of other locations.

The “Fly-Away” option offers a customizable “full completion” path, with avionics, paint and interior services as well as flight training. Offering the fastest possible completion time, utilizing Lancair’s in-house build process and expertise, the “Fly-Away” program permits a new owner to fly their Mako home in as little as 5 to 6 months.

Photo – At top, Lancair’s new Texas Builders Assistance Center awaits owner arrival with aircraft components ready for assembly.