Dee Howard Foundation Celebrates First Annual Aviation & Aerospace Arts Contest

The Dee Howard Foundation (DHF) and the University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA) celebrated the Virtual Awards Ceremony recently of the First Annual Aviation & Aerospace Arts Contest – Mission to Mars.

Wayne Fagan, DHF Chair, thanked a wonderful team of cooperating organizations, speakers, volunteers, donors of gifts, and most of all the students, teachers and schools. “A very special shout out to our team members Carlos Velez and Jill Ford of the UTSA College of Engineering and Elizabeth Castillo of the UTSA College of Education, without whom this event would not have been possible,” said Fagan.

The event was a community wide initiative and a celebration for the students at the end of a challenging academic year. “The celebration will continue with, hopefully, the viewing of some of the entries at SAMSAT this summer,” said Fagan. “I can see this contest becoming a year-round program culminating in the annual awards ceremony that has tremendous synergism with all of our collaborating organizations.”

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