Angelina County Airport Named 2019 Most Improved Airport by TxDOT

The Texas Department of Transportation presented the 2019 Most Improved Airport honor to officials of the Angelina County Airport at the 37th Annual Texas Aviation Conference held last week.

Using an airport improvement program grant from TxDOT, the airport began an ambitious project to improve pavement surfaces removing and reinstalling portions of a taxiway, and asphalt around existing hangars. Pavement rehabilitation was completed on all remaining taxiway and runway surfaces that were not replaced.

To top off the new pavement rehabilitation project, all taxiways and both runways were repainted.  Ensuring the work was built to last, extensive drainage improvements were made that included the installation of new drains for the taxiway and hangars, and improving drainage around airport grounds

The airport also utilized Routine Airport Maintenance Program grant funding for self-service fuel pumps, hangar repairs and upgrades, fuel tank electronic repairs, security cameras, and airfield lighting improvements.

The county pitched into the airport improvement effort by replacing hangar flooring, and asphalt at the ramp entrance gate.  The county also played a large role in helping the airport prepare for a large airshow that numbered 12,000 people by preparing roads and fields for attendees.  Finally, county funds were supplied for a tractor and cutter to help trim the 300 trees along the entrance road. 

Also contributing to the airport’s enhancement was the Experimental Aircraft Association, who provided funds for tool and oil storage buildings and built three pavilions for public use, such as enjoying lunch at the local café while watching planes. The Experimental Aircraft Association also provided funds for the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster memorial.

“This year’s most improved airport epitomizes true teamwork, as they utilized their available resources to completely revamp an airport that, over time, has become popular for business aviation, training, and recreational flying,” said Dave Fulton, Director of the TxDOT  Aviation Division. “Congratulations and thank you for your commitment to service.”