Shelton Named Director of Government Affairs, Industry Development, and Communications

The Oklahoma Department of Aerospace and Aeronautics (ODAA) has named Sandra Shelton as its Director of Government Affairs, Industry Development, and Communications. In this position Shelton will be responsible for the agency’s marketing and communications initiatives, legislative and congressional affairs activities, and spearheading industry outreach and development efforts.

Sandra Shelton

Prior to Shelton joining the Department in April of 2016 as the Aviation Education Coordinator and Government Affairs Liaison she had served over 20 years in state government.  She has worked with both political parties in the Oklahoma State Senate and House of Representatives as well as several other state agencies over her nearly 27-year career in public service to the State of Oklahoma.

During her tenure with ODAA Shelton served as the creator for many of the agency’s very successful outreach efforts including the 2017 law that instituted December 9th as Oklahoma Women in Aviation and Aerospace Day in state statute. She is also the principal for organizing the State’s annual “AERO Oklahoma” advocacy day at the Capitol during the legislative session. Both events bring over 1,000 Oklahomans together each year to commemorate, support, and advocate for the state’s second largest industry, as well as encouraging students to consider careers in the aerospace industry.

Shelton has advocated for and successfully passed over two dozen pieces of aviation and aerospace legislation on behalf of the Department and raised tens of thousands of dollars for charitable organizations that represent the industry. Just last year she was honored with the National Medal of Merit award by the local, state, and national Air and Space Forces Association for her service to the association which serves the needs of active duty, reserve, and veteran military members.

“From the day Sandra started at the Department she helped the organization with developing a vision for the future, bringing new ideas and energy to the agency’s mission to enhance and support the state’s aviation, aerospace, and defense industry. She brings people together while encouraging collaboration between public and private entities to ensure the industry has the support it needs,” said Grayson Ardies, Executive Director for ODAA.

Shelton currently serves on the Board of Directors as the Secretary for the Oklahoma State Senate Historical Preservation Fund, Inc., which administers various art projects at the Oklahoma State Capitol. She serves as Vice President of Communications for the Oklahoma Air and Space Forces Association in a volunteer role and has also served in the private sector as a social media manager with expertise in layout and design, film production, and digital media strategy.