Duchy Airpark Offers Perfect NC Location for Aircraft Owners

Located in a lovely rural environment in Alamance County, midway between the Triangle and Triad areas of central North Carolina, Duchy Airpark provides residents a convenient location offering an easy commute to Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, Burlington, and Greensboro, as well as Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU).

“We like to think we are at the perfect location. Not too far north with those miserable winters and not too far south where it is hot most of the time,” said Ted Wagoner, Duchy Development Company. “Being located in central NC we are close enough to the coast for someone who has their own plane to have breakfast on the coast, lunch in the mountains, and be home in time for supper.”

The Duchy (duchy \duh-chee\ n. The territory owned or ruled by a duke or duchess), is a gated residential community featuring 36 large lots with direct access to a private 3500′ x 44′ paved airstrip (5NC5) and a 2-acre pond. 

“I still can’t believe so few people even know the Duchy Airpark is here,” said Vicky Bryant, a resident, who along with her husband fly an RV-10 (See photos below). “It truly is a little piece of heaven for my husband and me. It fits everything we have ever wanted, a place to call home, a hangar for the RV-10 we built, a place with friends and a runway a few steps away from our front door so we can fly off to anywhere we want. This is a definitely a dream come true.”

Pictured above is Charlotte Bryant with the family’s RV-10 project underway. Jonathan and Vicky Bryant, homeowners at Duchy, started their RV-10 project in a double garage in Chapel Hill, NC, but soon realized that they would need space and a place to test fly. After a ‘slow build’ and 6-yrs of work, with help from family and friends, they were able to test fly N336DW out of the Duchy, complete with a neighborhood chase plane. “A build like this is really enhanced by having your hanger at home, were you can step out and add to the project in the evenings and weekends, and have like-minded friends and neighbors to help buck rivets or share tools and experience,” said the Bryants. “The RV-10 is a wonderfully capable plane to build and fly, and the Duchy is a great neighborhood to undertake such a unique experience.”

Jonathan and Vicky Bryant’s completed

Wagoner says their location gives you a peaceful country setting with every amenity needed only minutes away. “We have just enough cold weather in our winter season to give you an appreciation of the hot weather in the summer season, and just enough hot in the summer to appreciate the cold. With four distinct seasons we have beautiful mild springs and falls.”

70% of the lots have been sold, and 11 have been developed with owner-occupied single-family homes and attached hangars. Use of the runway is limited to the lot owners and their temporary guests. No aircraft with gross weight above 5,250 pounds is permitted to use the runway and turbine aircraft, jet aircraft, powered parachutes and gliders are prohibited. The runway is not lighted.