Coastal Carolina Regional Airport Launches Visionary Website

As an essential step forward in its innovative marketing initiatives, Coastal Carolina Regional Airport has announced its dynamically designed new website. EWN focused on enhancing the demand for more inbound air travel, giving the new site the look and feel of a travel destination website while positioning Coastal Carolina Regional Airport as the gateway to the Crystal Coast, the Outer Banks, and historic New Bern. The new website also promotes outbound travel as a part of its overall Fly Anywhere campaign, highlighting the ease of flying to the wide world of fantastic destinations.

For inbound visitors, the new site’s home page features large rotating slider images of the eastern North Carolina coast and its visually compelling attractions. With so many highly desirable outdoor activities available in the region, North Carolina’s coast is an ideal vacation destination, especially as more and more people are looking for ways to get back to quality time with friends and family. For outbound travelers, the rotating home page sliders serve up images of great getaway ideas.

The website’s menus, background images, text, and other content have been designed with animation features to increase engagement and motivate visitors to click and explore more website pages. The ‘Explore Our Coast’ area of the website highlights an interactive menu of eight unique locations along the North Carolina coast. Once a user chooses a specific destination, they land on a dedicated page for that destination where they interact with the page to reveal a list of fun things to see and do for the area.

As a reflection of Coastal Carolina Regional Airport’s commitment to being a technologically sophisticated operation, the new website design delivers a customer-centric experience by providing easy access to all of the flight tools that travelers most desire. The desktop mode offers a Flight Tools menu that allows users to access travel tools such as a real-time Flight Tracker, Book A Flight form, Parking Info, TSA Security, and other essential information about the EWN Terminal.

For mobile users, the Flight Tools menu remains displayed along the bottom of the mobile browser. This puts all the flight tools that on-the-go travelers most want within a thumb’s reach.