Aero Strategies Offers 737 Flight Experience with Throttle Up on Non-Training Days

“Explore, Discover, Inspire, is our approach to Throttle Up.”

Although Aero Strategies Group (ASG), located in Morrisville, offers Dry Leasing of their B737 FBS (Fixed Base Simulator) to B737 Operators, what’s capturing the attention of pilots and educators throughout the region is Throttle Up, an opportunity ASG provides to pilots and non-pilots alike, who want to experience what it is like to fly a Boeing 737 from the captain’s seat.

Tom Armstrong

“Throttle Up was created to provide a simulator experience to the public that was not just a form of entertainment, but a fun and challenging experience that immerses you into the day and life of an airline pilot,” says Tom Armstrong, President and Managing Director, Aero Strategies Group, LLC.                           

It was actually Armstrong’s 10- and 12-year-old daughters that came up with the idea for Throttle Up. “They thought it was cool that I got to fly to complete training every six months and fly a simulator, and how cool it would be if anyone could do it,” said Armstrong. And now, anyone can do it.

As it turns out, seeing smiles on the faces of kids of all ages, after experiencing the simulator, is what Armstrong finds the most rewarding. “Explore, Discover, Inspire, is our approach to Throttle Up,” said Armstrong. “When a kid can walk away from the experience and believe a little more in themselves and what they can achieve, then we have succeeded.”

Come this spring they will offer a Day STEM Camp (6 hrs.) to kids ages 10+. This will include simulator and classroom sessions, and a field trip to the RDU Control Tower. “We will also host field trips to our facility free of charge to local area schools and youth groups,” said Armstrong.

The idea for ASG came before the idea for Throttle Up. “I wanted to establish a training center in North Carolina that would provide two import things especially now that effects of a global pilot shortage are becoming increasing apparent.

•   A clear path forward for pilots looking for a career in the airline industry.

•   A credible recruitment option for airlines seeking qualified pilots.

All of ASG’s instructors are full-time airline pilots employed at several different major airlines flying the Boeing 737, as well as experience flying other Boeing aircraft. “Having instructors that can draw from not only their many years of experience flying, but the experience they had in the cockpit the week before flying the line is a valuable resource,” said Armstrong.

Tom Armstrong in the classroom.

In regard to dry leases, the 737 operator utilizes their facility as a turn-key training solution. ASG provides exclusive use of their training facility’s amenities (classroom, break room, and simulator) allowing the operator to conduct ground school and Systems Integration Training (SIT) on the Boeing 737.

ASG, established in 2020, is also in the process of becoming an FAA Certified Part 142 Training Center. “The application/certification process can take 6-9 months from start to finish working with the FAA,” said Armstrong. “This certification will allow ASG to offer several options for qualification training such as, pilots seeking an ATP-Certification Training Program, ATP Certificate, and Boeing 737 Type Rating.

Armstrong, an airline pilot and Boeing 767 captain with a diverse aviation career spanning over 20 years flying aircraft for commercial, charter, corporate, and government flight operations throughout the world. For more information visit: ASG; Throttle Up