Sensis to Develop Advanced Ground Conflict Detection & Resolution Algorithms for NASA

EAST SYRACUSE, NY – October 25, 2010 – Sensis Corporation was selected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for the NASA Research Announcement (NRA) Development of Ground-based Surface Conflict Detection and Resolution (CD&R) Algorithms. Sensis will develop advanced CD&R algorithms for integration into NASA surface simulation environments, expanding NASA’s capability to simulate airport surface conflicts. The new CD&R algorithms will produce complex resolution scenarios to further reduce runway incursions.

The Sensis-developed algorithms will address a number of incursion scenarios not incorporated into conflict detection and resolution capabilities available today, including runway/taxiway intersections, encroachments into active runways, merging and following aircraft and departure queues. Algorithms will reflect uncertainties in surveillance data, navigational errors, variation in pilot and controller behavior, off-nominal conditions and mixed aircraft equipage to provide complex conflict resolutions to the controller and appropriately equipped aircraft – resolutions that will factor-in other aircraft and vehicle activity on the airport surface to minimally impact surface efficiency.

“Sensis has extensive experience in developing and fielding conflict detection and alerting algorithms for use at the world’s busiest airports and a strong history of airport surface efficiency modeling and simulation,” said Ken Kaminski, vice president of Sensis Corporation’s Advanced Development group. “For this project, we are examining airport surface conflicts, alerting and resolutions in terms of airport-wide implications to ensure not only safe operations, but resolution strategies that will minimally impact the efficiency of the entire airport. Additionally, these algorithms will be taking into account current and near-term avionics, surveillance and operational concepts, making them a potential bridge to NextGen surface CD&R.”

Sensis is a leader in modeling, simulation and analysis of the potential impact of future airspace and airport improvements, and has completed numerous modeling, simulation and analysis projects for NASA, JPDO, FAA and other industry and academic organizations. Through its fast-time and real-time capabilities, Sensis can generate current and future air traffic demand scenarios, provide system-wide or regional simulations to evaluate current and future air traffic management concepts, and analyze and visualize simulation results.