Nevada Airports Association Announces Name Change to Nevada Aviation Association

The Nevada Airports Association (NvAA), an association of airport executives, policymakers, and corporate supporters announced in October 2020 that it had changed its name to the Nevada Aviation Association. The name change is another step in the evolution of the association which was first organized in 2005 as the Nevada Airport Managers Association.

Carson City Airport Manager Ken Moen. Photo by Cathleen Allison/Nevada Momentum

The name change reflects NvAA’s new mission to promote and support Nevada’s airports and the larger aviation community and goal to expand its membership to include providers of aviation related products and services; airline, helicopter, unmanned autonomous vehicles and fixed-based operators, charter companies and other aviation related organizations and agencies.

Nevada has a rich aviation history beginning with the first air flight in1910 near Carson City which was also of national interest because an air journey had never been made a such an altitude (4,675 feet). Today, Nevada aviation is diverse and includes commercial, corporate and sport flying, military operations, and unmanned aerial systems testing.

NvAA President and Carson City Airport Manager, Kenneth G. Moen, A.A.E., commented, “The NvAA Board adopted a strategic plan in December 2020 – the mission of the NvAA is to promote and support airports and aviation in Nevada. The vision is to be the primary stakeholder in development and implementation of Nevada’s Statewide Aviation System Plan.”

Connecting a rural state like Nevada through a network of integrated public use airports is critical to expanding economic opportunities, increasing the reach of medical service providers and emergency services.

“Expanding our focus on aviation will benefit Nevada’s airport system and create significant opportunities for our communities,” said Moen. “We look forward to growing our membership and creating a stronger and more diverse organization to support one of Nevada’s key industries.”

The Nevada Aviation Association promotes public understanding of the value of aviation and airports and is a unified voice on airport and aviation related policies and funding.