Duncan Aviation’s Satellite Facility in Las Vegas Earns Mexican Certification

Duncan Aviation’s satellite avionics facility located at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada, recently received certification from Mexico’s Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil (DGAC), which is the civil aviation authority for Mexico. The certificate is good for two years.

Located near Atlantic Aviation at Suite 128, 255 East Tropicana Ave., on McCarran International Airport, the certification will allow Duncan Aviation to expand avionics services for our customers based in Mexico.

“This authorization provides our Mexican customers with a sense of solidarity, commitment and respect for their processes and procedures,” says Matt Nelson, Duncan Aviation’s Manager of Satellite Operations. “We have had several requests from customers with aircraft based in Mexico and we anticipate that will only increase, especially with the upcoming ADS-B mandate.”

Duncan Aviation anticipates upcoming avionics labor shortages as the industry works through the mandated ADS-B upgrades and modifications. Duncan Aviation has access to or holds 37 FAA-approved solutions for ADS-B, which allows the company to perform upgrades on more than 100 aircraft models. In addition, Duncan Aviation is the only Rockwell Collins-authorized facility that can perform repairs and upgrades to the TDR-94 and TDR-94D transponders required to comply with the ADS-B mandate. Duncan Aviation also has NXT-700 trnasponders in stock and holds or has access to FANS solutions for 24 aircraft models.

It is important to Duncan Aviation to be able to provide service to all of Duncan Aviation’s customers, regardless of location.

Duncan Aviation’s locations in Battle Creek, Michigan; Lincoln, Nebraska; Provo, Utah; Houston, Texas; and now Las Vegas hold certificates for 10 additional civil aviation authorities around the world. The Battle Creek facility has authorizations for Bermuda, Brazil, Cayman Islands, EASA, and Mexico. The Lincoln facility has certifications for Argentina, Aruba, Bermuda, Brazil, Cayman Islands, China, EASA, Mexico, South Africa, Venezuela and India. The Provo facility has certificates for Brazil, EASA and Mexico. And now Las Vegas has joined Houston as a Duncan Aviation avionics satellite shops with certificates for Mexico.

To see the latest certifications by facility, go to: www.da.aero/resources/certificates.