MDT Aeronautics Division awards half million in grants and loans

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) Aeronautics Board approved approximately $575,000 in grants and loans to be awarded in support of various large and small airport projects throughout Montana during fiscal year 2019

The requests were for a variety of improvement projects that focused on lighting enhancements, runway, taxiway and apron reconstruction projects. Funding for this program is provided by a $0.02 / gallon tax on fuel sold to general aviation aircraft in Montana.  Most of the money awarded in grants and loans each year goes to leverage 90/10 Federal (FAA) match dollars for large airport construction projects. Any public airport is eligible to apply for assistance through the loan and grant program. Funds can be used for a wide variety of airport and aviation related projects.

Applications for the funding are due to the MDT, Aeronautics Division on November 15th of each year, and the funding is typically awarded in January of the following year.  Although the money is awarded in January, the funds are not available until the beginning of the new fiscal year following July 1st. During their meeting, the Montana Aeronautics Board reviews the applications and hears public comment before making their final award determinations.

For more information regarding the program, please contact Wade Cebulski, MDT Aeronautics Division, at or call (406) 444-9581.

The projects funded for FY 2019 are as follows:

AIRPORT                                            GRANT AMOUNT                                           LOAN AMOUNT

Cut Bank – PVMT Rehab                                $22,750                                                            $37,538

Ennis – PVMT Rehab                                      $30,988                                                            $0

Hamilton – PVMT Rehab/Beacon                $35,877                                                            $0

Havre – PVMT Rehab                                     $35,175                                                            $82,913

Laurel – Const RWY                                       $20,289                                                            $0

Lewistown – PVMT Rehab                            $38,777                                                            $77,818

Scobey – PVMT Rehab/Lighting                   $60,000                                                            $100,000

Twin Bridges – PVMT Rehab/Lighting         $28,210                                                            $

Wolf Point – Lighting                                     $3,463                                                               $1,731

TOTALS                                                             $ 275,529                                                         $ 300,000


Large Commercial Service Airport Pavement Preservation Program

AIRPORT                                           GRANT AMOUNT

Billings                                                              $12,857

Bozeman                                                          $12,857

Butte                                                                 $12,857

Great Falls                                                        $12,857

Helena                                                              $12,857

Kalispell                                                            $12,857

Missoula                                                           $12,857

Total                                                                  $89,999