Belfort AWOS Installed at Montana’s Deer Lodge City-County Airport

Belfort Instrument Company, one of the country’s oldest meteorological sensor and meteorological system manufactures, has installed their AWOS AV at the Deer Lodge City-County Airport (38S), Deer Lodge, and Montana.

The Belfort Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS AV) provides pilots with Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Wind Gusts, Temperature, Humidity, Dewpoint, Altimeter Setting, Density Altitude, and Visibility.   The Airport AWOS information is accessible via the airport Unicom and over the internet; . 
“The State of Montana continues to be a strong advocate for the Belfort AWOS AV," said Ralph Petragnani (shown at right), with Belfort Instrument Company. "The Deer Lodge Airport is the fifteenth AWOS installation  in the state." 
Belfort Instrument Company has been a leading provider of weather instruments to government, professional meteorology and aviation markets for over 130 years. Detailed information can be found at .