Montana Aeronautics Board Funds Project for FY 2018

On January 19, the MDT Aeronautics Division along with the Montana Aeronautics Board awarded a little over $600,000 in loans and grants to various Montana airports as part of its annual loan and grant program.

The program, developed 23 years ago, has become a welcome contributor to Montana airports.  At any given time, there is usually over a million dollars of Aeronautics Division funds obligated to various airport projects around the State.  There was about $232,500 in grants and about $371,000 in loans available for disbursement this year for aviation projects around the State.  Although most of the money given in grants and loans each year goes to leverage 90/10 Federal (FAA) match dollars for large airport construction projects, there is usually a significant percentage awarded for various smaller airport projects as well.

Applications for the money are due into the Aeronautics Division on November 15 each year, and the money is typically awarded in January of the following year.  Although the money is awarded in January, the funds are not available until the beginning of the next fiscal year – July 1.  The nine members of the Montana Aeronautics Board have sole responsibility for awarding loan and grant monies.  This program is open to all public-use airport entities and the money can be used for any qualified airport or aviation related project.  For more information regarding the program, contact the Aeronautics Division.

For more information regarding the program, please contact Tim Conway, MDT Aeronautics Division or call (406) 444-9547.

The projects funded for FY 2018 are as follows:

AIRPORT                                GRANT AMOUNT                               LOAN AMOUNT

Baker – PVMT Rehab                                       $6,764                                                 $0

Big Sandy – Lighting/ Navaids                        $975                                                    $8,500

Chinook – PVMT Rehab                                  $7,535                                                 $0

Circle – PVMT Rehab / WX Reporting          $11,425                                               $35,675

Columbus – PVMT Rehab                              $53,552                                               $145,086

Conrad – PVMT Rehab / Navaids                  $5,815                                                 $11,500

Culbertson – WX Reporting                            $0                                                        $18,500

Cut Bank – PVMT Rehab                                $8,756                                                 $0

Ekalaka – PVMT Rehab                                  $4,173                                                 $0

Eureka – Lighting                                             $3,000                                                 $0

Fairfield – PVMT Rehab                                  $10,000                                               $0

Forsyth – PVMT Rehab                                   $26,916                                               $0

Havre – PVMT Rehab                                     $11,740                                               $82,900

Lewistown – PVMT Rehab                              $26,068                                               $8,232

Superior – PVMT Rehab / WX Reporting      $9,192                                                 $30,998

Three Forks – PVMT Rehab /Lighting            $8,086                                                 $0

Townsend – PVMT Rehab                              $4,375                                                 $11,321

White Sulphur Springs – WX Reporting        $34,134                                               $0

West Yellowstone – PVMT Rehab                  $0_____                                              $18,450__

TOTALS                      $232,506                                             $ 371,162


Large Commercial Service Airport Pavement Preservation Program

AIRPORT                                           GRANT AMOUNT

Billings                                                              $16,500

Bozeman                                                          $16,500

Butte                                                                 $16,500

Great Falls                                                        $16,500

Helena                                                              $16,500

Kalispell                                                            $16,500

Missoula                                                           $16,500_


Total                                                                  $115,500