Joseph Hennessy Named Integrated Operations Director at the Metropolitan Airports Commission

Chad Leqve, vice president of management and operations at the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC), has named Joseph Hennessy as the organization’s first integrated operations director.

Joseph Hennessy

“Joe Hennessy brings to the job a strong background in aviation safety, management and collaborative process development,” Leqve said. “Joe’s inclusive, data-driven, servant-leader approach to challenges and opportunities will be key to the success of the new Integrated Operations Department.”

That department is responsible for promoting cross-functional alignment, process optimization, communication and data driven decision-making, with a particular focus on safety, efficiency and performance. As director, Hennessy will oversee airfield operations, process integration and optimization, operation analysis and planning, airfield regulatory compliance, and technical operations training programs.

The MAC’s long-term plan includes development of an integrated operations center, bringing together representatives from a cross-section of airport operational and public safety functions to anticipate and respond quickly to operational and customer experience needs. As integrated operations director, Hennessy will lead the new center when it is constructed.

“I am greatly honored to be entrusted with shepherding development and management of the new Integrated Operations Department,” Hennessy said. “The combination of new technologies, meaningful data collection and sharing, and a highly collaborative and integrated approach to operations will enable us to be as agile, efficient and productive as possible. Airports are highly dynamic in nature, and increased planning and coordination will enable us to anticipate and respond to needs quickly and effectively.”

Since March 2019, Hennessy has managed the MAC’s Safety Management System, leading development of an enterprise safety policy. He has collaborated with the Risk Management office to integrate and strengthen risk management and safety programs. Additionally, he has played key roles in the MAC’s COVID-19 response and in operational change management activities.

Prior to joining the MAC in March 2019, Hennessy was safety manager at Life Link III and, before that, safety specialist at Northwest and Delta Air Lines.

Since 1992, Hennessy has served in the Air National Guard’s 133rd Maintenance Group where he is currently a Lieutenant Colonel and deputy commander of the Maintenance Group, overseeing aircraft maintenance and, directly or indirectly, supervising more than 300 C-130 aircraft maintenance technicians.

He holds a Master of Science in aviation safety from the University of Central Missouri and a Bachelor of Arts in communication from the University of Minnesota at Duluth.

Hennessy serves on the Airports Council International-North America Safety Management System Task Force and is a member of the American Association of Airport Executives.

A recipient of the 2020 Values Award for Innovation from the MAC, Hennessy also has received the Airbus Vision Zero Aviation Safety Award from the Association of Air Medical Services and the Governor’s Safety Award from the Minnesota Safety Council.