Conklin & de Decker has announced that its 2018 State Tax Guide for General Aviation (“State Tax Guide”) is now offered through an online web-based application in addition to the windows-based program.

State Tax Guide subscribers now have the option of staying up to date on any state tax law change that occurs and can compare each state’s tax rates quickly from any mobile device, PC or Mac, without any installations or downloading. In addition, there is a newly added feature that allows users to select minimum or maximum tax rates in the search criteria.

“We designed the new web-based State Tax Guide to provide real-time data on tax changes,” stated Nel Stubbs, vice president for Conklin & de Decker and veteran tax consultant. “The State Tax Guide is an essential tool where we do all the research for you, and now we have made it even easier for our subscribers to quickly access and analyze this critical tax information,” added Ms. Stubbs.

Packed full of vital tax information, the State Tax Guide is a must-have reference tool for helicopter and fixed-wing operators, accountants, dealers, brokers, aviation law professionals, and others. The State Tax Guide contains the latest taxes and fees imposed on general aviation in all 50 states, and it addresses the sales and use taxes applicable to aircraft sales, ownership, leases, parts, and labor.

Subscribers can search the State Tax Guide for common exemptions from the state sales and/or use taxes such as common carrier, occasional sales, fly-away and trade-in credits. Added in 2018 was the ability to search the State Tax Guide for states that have legislative activity and see the status of the legislation. Applicable registration fees, personal property taxes, jet fuel, and even aviation gasoline taxes are also covered. In addition to tax data, contact information for the Departments of Revenue and Aviation in each state is included. The State Tax Guide windows-based program allows side-by-side comparisons of three states, enabling users to quickly compare tax rates and exemptions for the selected states.

The one-year online subscription for the 2018 State Tax Guide is available for $500 and provides instant access to this valuable data. Call the Conklin & de Decker Arizona office for more information at +1-928-443-8676 or go to to subscribe today.