CAV Ice Protection Intensifies Focus on UAS

CAV Ice Protection’s engineering staff, recently relocated to New Century Airport, are increasing focus on the company’s expertise in developing ice protection for unmanned flight.

“CAV Ice Protection recently completed a consulting and manufacturing program for a manufacturer of a Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), which wishes to remain unidentified,” said Vice President – Sales and Marketing Ken Weaver. “Completion of this program is a milestone development for the company.”

“From start to first customer delivery took less than 18 months. Execution of the program adds to our world-class competency and expertise in developing ice protection solutions for UAS applications throughout the world.” The system designed by CAV Ice Protection provides autonomous protection in continuous maximum and intermittent maximum icing environments for a wide range of adverse weather capabilities.

Inclusion of a fluid recirculation and heating system permits long loiters in cold environments, and the system meets NATO airworthiness safety requirements. The ice protection system supplied by CAV Ice Protection exudes a measured amount of glycol-based TKS fluid through precision laser-drilled microscopic holes in wing and empennage leading edges fashioned of titanium.