Iowa DOT Organizational Changes to Benefit Aviation

There are some big and positive organizational changes taking place at the Iowa DOT that will further enhance efforts to support the multimodal nature of Iowa’s transportation system, including aviation!

A new Modal Transportation Bureau has been created for aviation, public transportation, and rail to best utilize valuable resources and expertise available at the Iowa DOT. Tammy Nicholson has been named the director of the Modal Transportation Bureau, coming in with previous experience that includes leading rail for the Iowa DOT, and most recently as director of the Iowa DOT’s Location and Environment Bureau. Tammy brings a commitment to supporting Iowa’s multimodal transportation system, and for assuring all modes of transportation are considered in the development of transportation solutions.

Within the new bureau, dedicated leadership will be assigned to each mode. This will include the hiring of a Director of Aviation who will work with the aviation team to advocate for, plan, and provide services to support a strong aviation system. You may recall a previous leadership position was split between both Aviation and Public Transit, and this change is responsive to input the Iowa DOT has previously received from stakeholders. A dedicated director will provide improved focus, collaboration, and resource utilization.

The Modal Transportation Bureau is now part of a new Transportation Development Division at Iowa DOT that will better integrate multimodal efforts by having the project development activities for all modes, including highway, coordinated within one division. Stuart Anderson has been named the director of the new Transportation Development Division. Stu has worked extensively with aviation and remains committed to working closely with aviation stakeholders.

These organizational changes at the Iowa DOT do not involve layoffs or downsizing. The same team members including Brian Kuennen, Mike Marr, Tim McClung, and Shane Wright are committed to aviation, will remain in place, and will continue to be your primary contacts.

Aviation is an important component of Iowa’s multi-modal transportation system. These changes will help in the development and safety of an aviation system that will meet the future needs for general aviation, passenger air service, military, and unmanned aircraft systems. The Iowa DOT looks forward to continuing our work with aviation stakeholders to support Iowa’s transportation system!