Pilot Proficiency Offers 24/7 Simulator Recurrency Training for Private Pilots

Pilot Proficiency, a new pilot training business providing 24/7 simulator access has taken delivery of a Frasca RTD simulator and is open for business at their first pilot recurrency training center located in Lisle, Illinois.

The company offers FAA approved Frasca AATDs (advanced aviation training devices) in locations convenient to pilots and available 24/7.  Pilots can book simulator time by the hour or make a commitment to proficiency with monthly subscription plans for affordable recurrency training.

Pilot Proficiency operates a Frasca RTD (reconfigurable training device) – an AATD featuring real Garmin G1000 Nxi software for a realistic cockpit experience.The RTD can be configured to fly like the Cessna 172 as well as Cessna and Piper Seminole multi-engine aircraft utilizing conversion kits. The Frasca RTD also features a three channel visual system and enclosure. Learn more about the Frasca RTD at http://www.frasca.com/reconfigurable-training-device-rtd/

Using the RTD, pilots can self-log their simulator experience without an instructor or safety pilot present. The company’s goal is to make it easy for pilots to maintain their currency by offering simulators in locations where pilots live and work. Recent changes to FAR 61.57(c) allow instrument-rated private pilots to log their required approaches, holding procedures, and intercepting and tracking courses in FAA approved simulators to stay current. Pilot Proficiency’s simulators are available 24/7 and are far less expensive than flying an airplane.