Ascension Air Launches More Flexible Fractional Aircraft Programs to Include Fuel, Reduced Commitment

Ascension.jpg Ascension Air is adding two new programs to its lineup. The popular 80 annual flight hour Fractional Ownership option for the Cirrus SR22T aircraft will now be accompanied by a new 60 annual flight hour Aviator’s Club and a 25-hour Prop Card that never expires.

“Over the past two years, we’ve spoken to many of our owners and discovered that different needs exist when it comes to accessing the world’s best selling single engine aircraft. Our new products provide the best flexibility for owners no matter how many hours they fly annually. We are excited to introduce our 60-hour Aviator’s Club solution that includes all fuel, ice protection fluid and oxygen,” said Ascension Air President and CEO Jamail Larkins. “Additionally, we now offer a 25-hour Prop Card that also includes fuel, anti-icing fluid, and oxygen – and never expires.”

“Whether you choose our Prop Card, Aviator’s Club, or Fractional Ownership we treat you the same – an identical experience with outstanding personalized concierge service, familiar service crew, and the same thorough interior and exterior aircraft cleaning. You will never know a difference,” Larkins said.

Ascension Air bases six Cirrus SR22T GTS aircraft in the Atlanta area and will be launching an operation in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. in August 2014. In addition to fuel, oxygen, and ice protection fluid, all Ascension Air programs include on-site concierge services, aircraft maintenance, insurance, hangar space, navigation data base subscriptions, Bose headsets for pilot and passengers and streamlined scheduling via phone, e-mail or smartphone app.

The new Prop Card, priced at $17,500, provides 25 flight hours, four overnights – but it never expires. Aviator’s Club membership offers 60 annual flight hours, plus five training hours and five charity flight hours, and 12 annual overnights for a lifetime membership fee of $8,000 and then $35,860 per year.

Ascension’s already popular 80-hour Fractional Ownership program will now include fuel, anti-icing fluid, and oxygen. It includes 15 training hours, 15 charity flight hours and 24 overnights annually for $27,495 down and $3,520 per month (when financed), with a four-year commitment.