PASSUR Aerospace Selected To Provide International Collaborative Traffic Management Platform

PASSUR® Aerospace, Inc. (OTC: PSSR), a business intelligence software and solutions company, announced last week that it has been selected by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as its partner to build the association’s web platform for collaborative, tactical air traffic management, supporting the IATA Liaison Desk at the FAA Command Center. The new platform will provide airlines worldwide the ability to minimize same-day air traffic constraints in the U.S., access critical information about U.S. operations, and receive expert traffic management support and updates on the U.S. National Airspace (NAS) – all on a single, live, collaborative portal.

Jim Barry, President and CEO of PASSUR Aerospace, said they welcome their new partnership with IATA and applaud them for their vision in launching this air traffic management program. "Consolidation of information on a single common operating platform while facilitating collaboration between multiple parties is part of PASSUR’s DNA. We are particularly pleased to assist this initiative on the worldwide stage."

The new platform, called IATA Tactical Operations Portal (ITOP), addresses international air carriers’ need to optimize their same-day operations in the highly complex, frequently disrupted U.S. airspace. More than 100 airports, eight major airlines, and more than 500 members use similar PASSUR technology to help with collaborative management of diversions, field conditions, and tarmac delays. ITOP is the first in a series of similar portals to be designed for all the major air traffic regions around the world.

ITOP is linked to PASSUR’s Airport Information Network™ (AIN), and will provide airlines real-time access to the North American airline and airport community with online communication, messaging and alerting – information and content designed specifically for international carriers operating in North America.

PASSUR will also provide its Integrated Traffic Management (PITM) solution, an industry-changing web-hosted business intelligence platform, which targets key constraints through the entire flight lifecycle, minimizing fuel costs and emissions, improving schedule integrity, and enhancing the passenger experience. PITM modules assist with diversion management, airspace optimization, surface management, arrival and departure management, as well as tarmac delay management.